Kiama Gamefishing Club

Fishing from Stanwell Park to St. George Head

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Kiama Gamefishing Club

Po Box 447, Kiama NSW 2533

Contact Club President Mark Way 0427 377 865

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Photo by Col Douch

Kiama GFC

The Kiama Gamefishing Club was founded in 2001 following the vision of the inaugural President Mark Way. The idea came to fruition when it was noted that a significant number of the members of other regional gamefishing clubs resided in the Kiama local area. These fisherman came together and felt that it was an ideal opportunity to add to the Kiama region and form this Game Fishing Club.

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The Fishing Update...

Congratulations to All the Trophy winners for 2018 Point Score Competition


“2018 produced our Club’s Highest ever results in Major Tournaments and Club Point Score with Marlin Tagged & Released, an outstanding achievement with ProFishEnt & Absolute leading the way ”.


Tag & Release Division


ProFishEnt captained by Sondal Benson scored our Highest ever Point score in Tag & Release with a total of 346,350 points, tagging 26 Marlin (Blue, Black & Striped) and 4 Sharks to win Champion Boat. Scott Brown was Champion Male Angler with 103,500 points. Stuart Willick Tagged First Marlin of Season. ProFishent was also runner up at NSW Interclub at Port Stephens a tremendous feat and really put Kiama on the map.


Sheridan Yates on Absolute captained by Peter Yates won Champion Senior Lady Angler with 42,500 points. Absolute also won the prestigious Lizard Island Tournament in Queensland and that was also a first ever by a Kiama boat! Absolute was also of course a member of our Port Stephens team and put in a strong performance also taking out the Highest Point Scoring boat on 37kg with 110.500 points that featured Blue Marlin.


The 3rd member of our Port Stephens team X-factor captained by Dave Xiberras won Highest Point Scoring Boat on 10kg with 25,000 points. Taj Newcombe on Kiama with “pop” and Captain Trevor Newcombe won Champion Junior Angler Tag & Release with 91 points.


Capture Division


Frantic captained by Steve Banks was the stand out, winning Champion Boat with 3,246.85 with a Blue marlin of 141.5kg to angler Dave Deans who was also Champion Angler Capture. That Blue Marlin was of course Heaviest Marlin in our Blowhole Big Fish Classic in April. That Blue Marlin also won for Dave $5,000 cash prise courtesy of sponsor Yatcon Civil in our Blowhole Comp. Dave also won with the 141.5kg Blue Marlin: Highest Point Scoring Marlin; Heaviest Marlin and first Marlin Captured in the Point Score.


Nick Hodgkins won Heaviest Game Fish off the Rocks (LBG) with an 8.4kg Kingfish.


Paul Wyer won Heaviest Snapper on 10kg with a 3kg Red on Seaker.


“The 2018 season clearly showed that the Tag & Release division and Marlin fishing now dominates both our Club Point Score and Tournament Competition fishing”.


Children’s Charity Fishing Competition-Saturday

19th January 2019


Blowhole Big Fish Classic

6th & 7th April 2019


Kiama GFC Annual General Meeting

7th September 2018


Absolute-Shridan Yates with Tagged Marlin 2018 Black Marlin-1%2c188lbs wins Lizard Island Tournament Oct 2017 for Absolute-Peter & Sheridan Yates- Kiama GFC (1) Blue Marlin 141.5kgs Dave Deans on Frantic-Blowhole Big Fish Classic 2018 Taj Newcombe Champion Junior Angler Tag & Release 2018 with proud pop Trevor Newcombe sondal and crew Absolute-Peter & Sheridan Yates boat from Kiama GFC wins Lizard Island Tournament Oct 2017 (1)