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Fishing from Stanwell Park to St. George Head



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Kiama Harbour           photo: Col Douch

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Southern Zone 2016-2017

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Shimano Children's Charity Fishing Comp 2017

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NEW Changes to SHARK T&R Points

At the NSWGFA AGM held over the weekend (16-17 July) Changes to Shark T&R were voted in and are effective as of the 18th July.


The rationale for the proposal was to encourage fishers to tag sharks that are borderline making minimum weight, as opposed to bringing tem in just in case it weighs.

                          6-10kg          15kg           24kg            37kg          60kg        


Sharks             3750pts      3450pts      3000pts      2550pts      2250pts  


Blue Sharks    3125pts       2875pts      2500pts      2125pts     1875pts

Yellowfin and Albacore take over the offshore scene


Last week and most of the calm seas and low wind weather days has scene Kiama Boat trailer parking and grassy areas covered in trailers, a reminder of Bermagui with Yellowfin and Albacore plus the odd Bluefin offshore drawing anglers to our fishery. There have been plenty of Yellowfin and Albacore at the boat ramp but we had X-Factor come to weigh station with a 48.1kg Fin to angler Ray Xerri (see photo attached). Those who follow my Facebook would have seen pic already.


Apparently most of the fish have been a long way out with 1500 to 1600 fa the go. Lures and cubing have both been successful. The go is of course catch one on a lure and stop and cube.


Steve Banks on Frantic lost a big Fin when leader broke on 37kg using hard body Killer Vibes. "Not happy Jan", it was his favourite Killer Vibe!


Reports have fish feeding on Sauries, so would appear blue & white colours may be the go?


Hopefully the Fin will move in a little closer and come onto the Canyons?


Southern Zone Presso saw the Club pick up 5 awards with Highest Point Scoring Boat Tag & Release, George Bass Trophy going to ProFishEnt on 150,000 pts, well done to Sondal and his crew who had a big year in Comps. "Kano" fishing off ProFishent picked up 2 awards with Heaviest Marlin 130.8kg Black and Most Meritorious marlin for same fish that scored 17, 108 pts also to Kane Clarke.


In the Juniors Lachlan "Locky"Rogers " also won two trophies for Heaviest Marlin Capture and Heaviest Capture in the Junior divisions with his 123kg Blue Marlin, that also took out Heaviest Marlin in the Blowhole Big Fish Classic this year-see photo attached.


Well done to Sondal, Kano and Locky!


In the NSWGFA AGM and Presentation, Southern Zone won Champion Zone "Chooks "award for Tag & Release and runner up in Capture.


Check out Club Website for changes to Tag & Release points for Sharks: www.kiamagfc.com.au


Southern Zone Presentation-Locky Rogers-Heaviest Marlin Junior 137kg on 37kg NSWGFA-AGM-Southern Zone win Champion Zone july 2016